From Helen

Trudie helped my daughter with her choice of career. It was not one fly by night tick, tick and that's what your career choice is, no Trudie's course runs over 8-10 lessons where the student eventually decides for himself/herself with her guidance. She also guides you on study institutions etc. i.e. going the extra mile.


From Maria

Dear Trudie

I want to officially Thank you for the amazing work you did for my son Alexander this year.  I highly recommend the Synergy program to all teens from Grade 8 to 12.  Trudie you really nailed it!  This coaching system where you added your personal touch did wonders for my son. It is such a thorough process where you assessed his personality traits and interests and together with as many as 8 sessions, you helped him to come up with what he wants to study when he completes his matric.

He now has come away with his 3 top choices to study when he leaves school together with the preferred institutions that he may attend!  Thank you Trudie for giving my son the correct guidance.  He is amped, excited and ready to go!!

Kind Regards


From Gregg Naude

This letter serves to confirm that I contracted the services of Trudie Johnston from Synergy during the period June – Aug 2013 for the purposes of counselling, analysing and filtering my son’s career needs and translating them into very specific tertiary education courses that could be undertaken at various tertiary education facilities in the Western Cape.
My son, Jason Naude aged 19, matriculated in 2012 at Edgemead High School after attaining 5 distinctions and had been attempting to get acceptance at both UCT and Stellenbosch in their Faculties for Medicine, both attempts proving unsuccessful.
Trudie’s compassionate personality, independent thinking, logical processes and methods and professional guidance proved to be exactly what was required to be able to understand and in turn communicate Jason’s requirements to the extent that we were able to confine his applications to a single course at UCT, while at the same time leaving the door open to branching out to his two more popular career choices at the end of the first year of his degree.
Needless to say his subsequent application at UCT was approved for a BSc.

The results and benefits of Trudie’s efforts far exceeded the perceived cost benefits and would, without any shadow of a doubt, recommend that any parent with a teenager in their last 2 years of school engage with Trudie in order to eliminate the frustration that goes with trying to decide on a career path for their child/children.


From Eleni Gramatica

Hi, Trudie. Just a quick note to say thank you. We're only a short way into Sofia's Tertiary Education Program, but what an impact it's had on her already. She's loving working with you and she's enjoying your approach. I have a feeling, with her doing this now, we'll be saving ourselves a small fortune in wasted varsity/college fees later. I know it's still four years away, but we're all so much more relaxed about it. Again, the difference to offerings from the HSRC and other organisations is your approach. Sofia's enjoying that she's actively involved in the process, with structured guidelines and support from you. Where were you when I was a kid? (I know you were a kid too, but you know what I mean) Thanks again, Trudie. Looking forward to the outcome.