Student Coaching

At Synergy Coaching we understand the challenges that you as a learner face when you embark on your post matric quest to discover a career that best suits you.

Our in-depth Tertiary Education Program empowers you to identify the career that would suit your unique skills, aptitudes and personality.

We check that you have the right subjects  chosen for your career and advise on which institution(s) could help  you realise your dream.

What are the benefits of doing Student Coaching with Synergy?

  • One on one consultations
  • A safe space for you, the learner to relax and enjoy your journey of discovery
  • To identify your interests and skills through questionnaires
  • To identify the career fields that are best suited to your personality
  • To take your life values into consideration when exploring your careers
  • To empower you with detailed career possibilities from a – z
  • To guide you using coaching skills to narrow down your possible careers to within 3 options
  • To expose you to the institutions that offer the appropriate courses for the chosen top 3 options
  • To highlight the syllabus / subjects that need be taken for the top 3 options
  • To ensure you understands the minimum requirements that you need to achieve to apply for the chosen top 3 options
  • To give your parents feedback as to how the process works  - how did their child arrive at their top 3 options and a guideline as to what costs may be involved
  • Wherever possible, arrange some form of job shadow within the field of the chosen 3 options