Mentorship program for learners

Synergy sets out to teach the learner to take responsibility for his/her school work. Synergy holds the learner accountable for the actions taken and goals set. Synergy encourages maximum interaction with the learner through whatsapp / sms / email follow up and feedback.

Synergy gives the parents a feedback report every term as to what has been covered, what the expectations are, and what has been achieved.

  • Assessment to see exactly where the learner is at right now, academically and emotionally, and what study methods are being used currently
  • Individual mentorship sessions (about 45min – max 90mins)
  • Safe, structured environment for each session (fortnightly)
  • Program tailored to suit each learners needs, to cover:
  • Homework monitoring
  • What is the learners approach to homework
  • Can the learners approach be improved
  • Planning for tests
    • Schedule of tests for the term / fortnight
    • Put a study plan in place
  • Effective study methods
    • What study methods does the learner have in place currently
    • Explore alternatives, practise them and find what is most effective
  • Goal setting for subjects
    • What does the learner want to achieve per subject
    • Are these goals realistic and achievable
  • Exam study time table planning
    • How to work out an effective study program
    • Monitor weekly as to how the learner is progressing