Time Management

How often do you feel overwhelmed by your day? Do you feel
like you are running on a treadmill? Are you juggling 10
balls at a time? Does it feel like everybody... Read more about 'Time Management'...

NETWORKING works IF you WORK your network!!!

Have you ever heard someone say that and wonder: who, what
and how!?

*What is your network?*

Business associates, fellow church members, family, friends,
gym friends, ex school friends, collaborators, suppliers,
clients and so the... Read more about 'NETWORKING works IF you WORK your network!!!'...

What is important when choosing a CAREER

Well let’s start with, what IS a career ??? In todays’
world, it is more a career PATHWAY that you are choosing as
once you have studied within a career field, there... Read more about 'What is important when choosing a CAREER '...