About us

Born in the UK, Trudie arrived in South Africa when she was 3, and has spent all her years in Cape Town. She was schooled by Rustenburg Girls and matriculated in 1983.

Having an autistic brother has meant from early in life she has been involved with those less fortunate. She has always given of herself and time with no expectation in return. She continues to do this as she believes firmly in paying it forward.

Her competitive Latin American dancing years taught her resilience and determination, dedication, perseverance and patience. It was these qualities that brought her and her partner to championship level, and it is these qualities that she still practices today. She is easy to relate to, and has a deep understanding of the frustrations of life.

Her strong sales / marketing background came from hands on learning experience in the textile industry. Here she learned the importance of good time keeping, client service excellence, stock control, management of staff and prided herself on professional conduct and building up excellent relationships.

Trudie then moved on to assist her husband to build his business from the ground up. A client base had to be built from scratch, systems had to be put in place, suppliers had to be sourced, and once again the building of relationships became paramount. “sustained business needs to come from repeat business” Trudie says, and “building a trusting relationship is key” ...........

There are many key elements in coaching, and that is why Synergy’s tag line is Unlocking Potential.

In 2011 trudie decided to make a life change, and change her career pathway, a change that has brought her much happiness and reward. She is realising her dream of: enriching others lives, to empowering others !!!
‘I am now living and not existing as I am living my life through others, watching them transform whether on a business or personal front ........ And I’m loving it !!!”

Trudie trained through results coaching systems and qualified in 2011 as a life coach, but she knew she would need to specialise in where her strengths lay. She developed two programs that she runs, one to Fast-Track start-up / micro businesses and the other to assist learners to identify what their ideal would be when it comes to their Tertiary Education.

With the use of life coaching tools she has refined these two programs, which effectively take individuals from where they are to where they would like to be within months.

Positive outcomes is what drives Trudie to work hand –in –hand with her clients ........ “their success is my reward” says Trudie.

Trudie is a natural nurturer, a natural motivator. Her passion and genuine care for others shines through. She believes very strongly in vision and planning ...... And along with her clients she searches constantly for opportunities for growth.

All of her work is done with professionalism, structure and purpose